Was Your Auto Accident Caused by Manufacturer or Road Defects

Adjuster inspects car after an accident.
It is essential for the vehicles involved in the accident to be preserved afterward. This allows a law firm’s investigative team to examine them to see if a defect is present.

Manufacturer’s Defects in Car Accidents and on the Road

Although the majority of accidents in Washington, D.C. are caused by driver error, a good number are the result of manufacturer and roadway defects. The problem here is that for the most part accident reports are geared toward blaming the driver of a vehicle. But, what if the driver was not at fault, and no evidence pointed to that? The key is looking for other reasons such as manufacturer and road defects. 

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We’ve handled many accident cases over the years and helped injured people obtain the compensation they deserve. Our investigative team is unparalleled and works tirelessly to determine the cause of the accident and find evidence to support that determination. Our investigators are trained in unearthing manufacturer and roadway defects, and no stone will be left unturned. 

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Defects in Roadway Design

The government agency in charge of roadway maintenance and its construction/design might be the reason your accident occurred. Consider the state of many roads in the area, and you’ll recognize the problems that are frequently encountered from potholes to poor road drainage or lack of signage. 

Maintenance is important in keeping the road safe, and on many occasions, we’ve seen how a lack of keeping the road up to par has been the integral ingredient in a car accident. For instance, signage needs to be visible such as postings about a stop ahead or an upcoming curve in the road. Foliage overgrowth obscuring the signs is a major problem, and it is the government agency’s job to ensure the signs are clearly visible. The same duty of care exists in terms of traffic lights. Non-functional traffic signals can lead to significant accidents.

Auto Defects and Their Role in a Car Accident

The design and manufacture of an automobile require that steps are taken to assure it will operate safely on the road. Sometimes, the manufacturer fails to take these steps, and a driver and their passengers will suffer for it. On occasion, it is an error that was not corrected or a deliberate refusal to fulfill the manufacturer’s obligations.

An example of this occurs in roof crush. This horrific defect occurs when the supporting structure of the roof is not sufficient to support the weight of the vehicle during a rollover. Federal authorities ruled that the roof should be able to withstand three and one-half times the weight of the vehicle.

However, some manufacturers who ignore this set their customers up for traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage. Numerous lawsuits have been fought and won based on this type of accident.

Preserving a Vehicle After an Accident

It is essential for the vehicles involved in the accident to be preserved afterward. This allows a law firm’s investigative team to examine them to see if a defect is present. If the vehicles are towed from the scene and demolished, it will be impossible to gather the necessary evidence.

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