Common Causes of a Car Accident

Motorist gets distracted while driving by applying lipstick.
Visual distraction: A visual distraction involves a driver who is not looking at the road but at something or someone else.

Reasons Why Car Accidents Happen

There are numerous reasons why car accidents occur. Most are based on driver error, and a study by Stanford University reports that approximately 90 percent of all crashes are based on human mistakes. While you may do everything to make your trip to work or the store safe, not everyone is as proactive. By understanding the causes of a car accident, it may help you avoid them. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of auto accidents that occur every day.

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Distracted Driving

This is the leading cause of traffic accidents today. It happens when a driver’s focus is not on the road such as when a motorist is texting, looking at the radio or the GPS or eating. There are three types of distraction:

  • Manual distraction: This happens when the motorist takes their hand(s) off the wheel and texts, eats or turns a radio dial. Any of these actions can lead to a car accident
  • Cognitive distraction: This type of distraction occurs when the driver is thinking about something else other than the road. They may be thinking about an incident that happened at work, their children or a conversation they are engaged in. 
  • Visual distraction: A visual distraction involves a driver who is not looking at the road but at something or someone else. Major visual distractions are looking at an accident or a police stop on the highway or looking for something in the glove compartment. 

Drunk Driving

Driving while inebriated or high on drugs is a leading cause of a car accident. About 10,000 people die every year due to a drunk driver. Because these drivers have difficulty thinking clearly and poor muscle coordination, driving safely is difficult for them. Most states consider a blood alcohol level of 0.08 to be illegal. Despite stiff penalties, the incidence of drug and alcohol use leading to an accident continues to escalate.


Speeding is a major cause of auto accidents. It makes it more difficult for the motorist to control their vehicle and stop in time to avoid injuring another person. When a motorist speeds on wet roads, the risk of a serious, multiple-vehicle accident is high.

Reckless Driving

This category has moved up over the past two years. Drivers have become aggressive and take chances that result in a car accident. Activities such as weaving from one lane to another, tailgating and using intimidation against other drivers can cause car accidents.

Intersection Accidents

Many accidents occur in intersections and lead to serious injuries and deaths. Running a red light is responsible for numerous fatalities. Obeying traffic signals and signage is a responsibility all drivers have. We trust each other on the road, and oftentimes that trust is broken.

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