Three Car Accident Injury Questions About Permanent Impairments

Woman lies hurt after car accident.
Many car crash victims who sustain catastrophic injuries develop permanent impairments and disabilities.

Car accidents in Washington DC can cause a variety of injuries. Some accident victims sustain a minor car accident that heals in a few weeks, such as sprains, lacerations, or a mild case of whiplash. Other people may sustain a more severe car accident injury that could require surgery and physical therapy to recover, such as broken bones and back injuries.

Many accident victims sustain catastrophic injuries. These car accident injuries often result in hospitalizations, surgeries, intensive physical therapy, and months of painful recovery. It could take more than a year for a person to get their life back to normal after sustaining a catastrophic car accident injury.

Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can cause permanent impairments. Many car crash victims who sustain catastrophic injuries develop permanent impairments and disabilities.

If a car accident caused your injury, there are three things about permanent impairments you need to know.

1.  What Types of Injuries Cause Permanent Impairments After a Car Accident?

Any car accident injury has the potential of causing a permanent disability. However, examples of catastrophic injuries that have a high risk of resulting in a permanent impairment include:

  • Spinal cord injuries, which can result in paralysis
  • Severe damage to limbs that cannot be corrected and require surgical amputation to save the person’s life
  • Crushing injuries
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to the eyes and hears (vision loss and deafness)
  • Neck and back injuries to the spinal column
  • Complex fractures and broken bones that require rods, pins, screws, and other implements to repair

Prompt medical attention and follow through with a medical treatment plan are essential for both the person’s health and a personal injury case.

2.  You Could Be Entitled to Compensation for Future Damages for a Car Accident Injury

When you are injured in a car crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages caused by the accident. If you sustain a permanent impairment, your damages may include future damages.

Examples of future damages can include:

  • Ongoing medical treatment and expenses
  • Long-term medical care and personal care
  • Loss of earning potential because of the impairment
  • Loss of future wages if you cannot work
  • A decrease in quality of life or enjoyment of life
  • Continued pain and suffering caused by the disability

Medical experts and economists generally retained to assist in estimating the value of future damages.

3.  You Need an Experienced Washington DC Personal Injury Attorney to Handle Your Case

Car accident cases involving permanent impairments and disabilities are complicated. In addition to proving that the other driver caused the crash, you must also prove the severity of your injuries and the extent of your damages. That may require hiring several experts to assist with the case.

At Roeser Law Firm, our Washington DC personal injury attorney takes these cases very seriously. We understand how a permanent disability caused by a car crash can change a person’s life forever. We aggressively pursue all legal claims to get you the money you need and deserve.

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