Firework Injuries in Washington, D.C.

fireworks burn victim having wound wrapped by doctor
If you or a loved one suffers an injury because of negligence by someone handling fireworks or a defect in one, you have the right to recover compensation.

Liability When You’re Injured by a Firework Display

Many people look forward to fireworks displays around Washington, D.C. However, there are those who always shoot off their own, and injuries and fatalities can occur when the product is defective or they are not handled safely. If you or a loved one suffers an injury because of negligence by someone handling fireworks or a defect in one, you have the right to recover compensation.

Legal and Illegal Fireworks in Washington, D.C.

Local residents are limited in what fireworks they can use in D.C. The Fire and EMS Department publishes a list of legal and illegal fireworks. Only cones, non-poisonous snakes, paper caps, fountains, torches, sparklers shorter than 20 inches, box fire, colored lights, dipsticks and paper novelty items are legal. The use of anything else, including salutes, cherry bombs, floral or artillery shells and Roman candles is illegal.

An Accident Involving Fireworks Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms each year because of an injury caused by shooting off fireworks. The most common types of trauma that occur include:

  • Burn injuries: Burns are the most common type of trauma caused by fireworks. Minor burns can be treated at home. Others require a visit to the emergency room, and some burn injuries can be serious, depending on the extent and location.
  • Eye trauma: Trauma to the eyes can occur from flaming particles flying in the air. A report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that around 15 percent of firework injuries involve the eyes and cause thermal and chemical burns, rupture, retinal detachment and corneal burns. Even sparklers can cause serious damage to the eyes, and losing your sight isn’t worth it.
  • Damage to hands: Broken bones, burns, amputation of digits and other serious trauma can occur to someone’s hand when they mishandle fireworks. 
  • Facial trauma: Burns, loss of facial tissue, damaged teeth and broken bones can cause serious trauma to someone’s face, requiring extensive plastic surgery to repair. 

Liability in an Injury

Liability in an injury caused by fireworks depends on the location. If the injury occurred on private property, the owner can be held liable. If the injury was caused by a defect such as placing too short a fuse on the firework, a product liability claim may be placed against the manufacturer. If the injury occurs at a public event, whoever is in charge such as the city, can be held responsible. An injury attorney can determine liability in a fireworks injury, so you can recover the damages that you deserve.

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