Dog Bites: Prevention Tips for Washington, D.C. Owners

Washington, D.C., dog owners should know the local laws and regulations regarding dog bites.

Washington, D.C., dog owners should know the local laws and regulations regarding dog bites. In the District, dog owners can be held liable if their dog bites someone, even if it’s the first time, although this law doesn’t apply to trespassers or those who provoked the animal. If your dog attacks and injures someone, the injured person has the right to recover compensation.

The best way to protect yourself and others from dog attacks depends on you. Dog attack prevention tips for Washington, D.C. owners include:

  • Educate yourself on responsible pet ownership – Know your local laws and respect them when it comes to owning a pet. Research the breed of dog that you are considering getting and understand their needs and behaviors.
  • Train your pet – Positive reinforcement techniques will help you establish a good relationship with your pet and teach them proper behaviors. Training classes are available in Washington, D.C., so consider taking advantage of these if you need assistance.
  • Spay or neuter your pet – This helps to reduce aggression in some dogs and is a great way to help prevent overpopulation.
  • Always supervise your dog when it’s around children or other animals – Proper supervision can help you stop any potential incidents from occurring. If your dog is uncomfortable around children, place them in another room while the child is on your property.
  • Give your pet plenty of exercise – Regular exercise will help keep your dog healthy and happy, which can lead to fewer behavioral issues.
  • Take your dog to the vet for regular checkups – This will help you catch any health issues that could potentially lead to aggressive behavior.

Know What to Do if Someone Suffers Dog Bites

Additionally, ensure you have a plan if your dog bites someone. Be prepared to provide your and/or the pet’s owner’s contact information and medical and vaccination records. It is vitally important that your pet’s vaccinations be kept up to date. It is also important to have a plan for treating the bite wound; wash it thoroughly with soap and water, apply pressure to stop bleeding, and seek medical help. Even if the bite isn’t serious, infection is one of the big risks. Dogs can carry a number of dangerous diseases or bacteria, which could pose serious risk, such as tetanus, staph and sepsis.

When to Call a Dog Bite Lawyer

When you’ve been bitten by a dog in the Washington, D.C. area, an injury lawyer can help you recover compensation. From medical bills to wages you lost from the inability to work, those losses are recoverable. In addition, many people who’ve been injured in dog attacks suffer not only physical but emotional trauma. Compensation is often recoverable for these non-economic losses also.

Roeser Law Firm: Dog Bite Lawyer 

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