Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

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Did you know that slip and fall accidents account for more than one-quarter of all workplace injuries, including in Washington, D.C.?

Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace

Did you know that slip and fall accidents account for more than one-quarter of all workplace injuries, including in Washington, D.C.? The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says it’s true. Fortunately, the law in Washington allows workers who’ve been injured on the job to obtain workers’ compensation, but that isn’t always easy. Seeking advice from a Washington, D.C. slip and fall attorney can be helpful.

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Being turned down for workers’ comp can cause financial stress following a workplace injury caused by slips and falls, but a refusal doesn’t have to mean it’s over. At Roeser Law, we can investigate your claim to get the evidence needed to support your injury accident. Call us today at (202) 660-4070 to set up your free consultation to see how we can help you.

Reasons for Denial in a Workers’ Comp Claim

The denial of a workers’ comp claim after being injured in a fall, trip or slip accident can cause an unnecessary struggle to obtain benefits. Some of the reasons claims are denied include:

  • The person who slipped or fell and was injured didn’t report it right away.
  • The worker had been laid off or lost their job and filed for workers’ comp afterward.
  • There were no witnesses to the slip and fall accident.
  • The medical report and accident claim are in disagreement as to the slip and fall injury and details of the incident.
  • An injured worker didn’t file the claim within the proper timeframe.
  • The slip and fall accident didn’t happen at work or while performing the duties of the job.
  • The injured worker changed doctors without approval by the Office of Workers’ Compensation or the insurer.
  • The employer disputed the injury claim.

Appealing a Denied Claim

If a claim for workers’ comp has been denied by the insurer or employer in Washington, D.C., an injury lawyer that handles worker claims can help. There are four different benefits an injured worker is entitled to in the District of Columbia, including:

  • Temporary partial disability: This benefit is paid to workers who are partially disabled by their injury and can return to work in a part-time capacity or take a lower job until they have completely recovered.
  • Temporary total disability: This type of disability means the worker can return to work but cannot work part-time or in a lower job. Workers in this category receive 66 ⅔ of their wage per week averaged out.
  • Permanent partial disability: These benefits are granted to those who are partially impaired by a permanent injury due to a workplace accident.
  • Permanent total disability: Those who are permanently unable to earn income in the future at their job due to disability from a slip and fall workplace injury can claim compensation in this area.

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