What to Do If You Have Been the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident Involving a Large Truck

Truck drives away after being at fault on a hit and run accident.
One of the best things you can do for the strength of your case is to retain an experienced Washington, D.C. trucking accident attorney as soon as possible, call Zeke Roeser!

Every driver on the roads of Washington, D.C. is responsible for maintaining a duty of care to other motorists on the road. This incorporates a broad range of conduct. It is up to each motorist to understand what to do in each situation and to act appropriately in various circumstances.

After An Accident, Do NOT Leave The Scene

One of the most important duties that all drivers have to one another is to stop in the event that someone has been injured in a vehicle accident. This is regardless of who may be at fault for the accident and whether or not it looks as though anyone has been injured.

Some of the most devastating injuries across Washington, D.C. involve commercial truck accidents. This is because the weight and size of commercial trucks, combined with other factors like distracted driving or speeding can render catastrophic injuries for accident victims. This is why it is imperative that any individual involved in a serious trucking accident stop at the scene of the accident to verify that everyone is okay and to wait until a police report has been made.

What About A Hit & Run With A Truck?

If a truck driver leaves the scene of the accident, however, this can be extremely frustrating. Gathering material about that truck driver and the vehicle is extremely important. Many commercial trucks have phone numbers on the back where you can report issues associated with someone’s driving. It is a serious issue for a commercial truck driver to leave the scene of the accident without stopping to make sure that everyone is okay and to provide relevant details such as his or her name and insurance information immediately.

Document Everything Possible After A Truck Accident

Record other details like the license plate and the time of the accident as well. You may wish to gather statements from witnesses in order to help connect the driver at the scene of the accident. It can be devastating to suffer the injuries in a hit and run commercial trucking accident but the more information you have, the easier it will be to identify the responsible party and to bring forward a legal claim against the driver, the owner/operator, or the contractor. As you can see, recovering compensation after being involved in a trucking accident can get complicated quickly.

Trucking Accidents Are Not Simple – Talk To An Injury Lawyer About Compensation

One of the best things you can do for the strength of your case is to retain an experienced Washington, D.C. trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. Our truck accident attorneys are familiar with the devastating injuries you can sustain in an accident with a commercial truck, get your free consultation today with an injury lawyer at the Roeser Law Firm to build the strongest case possible so that you get the compensation you deserve.

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