Washington, D.C. Hit-and-Run Accidents

Protecting Yourself After a Hit-and-Run Injury Accident

The reasons a driver commits a hit-and-run can vary; however, the most common reason is that they are driving without valid insurance or a driver’s license. Other reasons may include fear of facing criminal charges, being intoxicated while driving, and not wanting to be identified by law enforcement officers. By locating the fleeing driver, they can be held responsible for accident injuries.

The Driver Is Obligated to Remain at the Accident if Injuries Occur

If a driver is in an accident, they are obligated to stop and exchange contact information with any other drivers involved. Failing to do so can result in a hit-and-run charge. In Washington D.C., this can be considered a felony offense with potential jail time.

Protecting Yourself After a Hit-and-Run Injury Accident

It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety if you are the victim of a driver who fled the scene. Even if you do not have any information about the other driver involved in the accident, there are still steps you can take to protect yourself. For example, you should seek immediate medical attention for any injuries that occurred as a result of the accident. Additionally, it is important to obtain information from witnesses who may have seen what happened and provide insurance companies with an accurate description of the driver and their vehicle if possible.

Consulting With an Accident Lawyer

It is also important to speak with an experienced car accident attorney who can help identify all possible sources of compensation. A lawyer can also help you to understand your legal rights and provide guidance throughout the claims process. A lawyer has the experience and means to locate a fleeing driver by investigating the crash. The lawyer commonly employs the following methods to find a fleeing driver:

  • Examining the accident scene for evidence
  • Searching for witnesses who may have seen the driver fleeing
  • Looking over the police report for clues
  • Performing accident reconstruction
  • Searching for area surveillance camera

By hiring an experienced attorney, you stand a better chance of receiving compensation for any injuries or damages due to a hit-and-run accident that occurred in Washington D.C. An attorney can help build a strong case and maximize your settlement amount if there is enough evidence available. 

Using Your Insurance to Help Pay Your Medical Costs

In the event the fleeing driver isn’t located, you have the option of using your uninsured and underinsured insurance coverage to help. All Washington, D.C. drivers are required to carry this insurance. If the other driver is located and their insurance coverage isn’t enough, your own policy can be used to cover the additional expense. Your injury lawyer can help by negotiating for you to obtain the best outcome.

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