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Government employee slips and falls in ooffice loaction.
If you slip and fall on government property, the accident is subject to premises liability law. Because the accident happened on government property, the claim can be filed against the agency in charge or the city.

Public Property Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

If you slip and fall on government property such as at the post office, a monument or a public park, the government entity may be held responsible for your injuries. However, there are times when the government entity cannot be held liable. In a city adorned by multiple government properties, let’s look at this in further detail.

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The Government Entity Must Be Negligent

Negligence is the cornerstone of a personal injury lawsuit. Without it, the lawsuit will be unable to proceed in the judicial system. That means that someone caused the accident to happen through their negligence. This can range from a spilled drink that was negligently not cleaned within a prescribed amount of time to a broken curb or a poorly designed building. 

It can also mean that the entity did not maintain the entity in a manner that would prevent slips and falls. For instance, if a leaky pipe caused a section of the floor to be wet and someone slipped and fell because no warning signs were placed nor the water removed, the government workers would be negligent. 

Another example would be a public park where ample lighting was missing, leading to a slip and fall. This would be a lack of maintenance or faulty design. Your slip and fall lawyer would investigate and discern how the accident occurred and who was responsible.

Premises Liability Law

If you slip and fall on government property, the accident is subject to premises liability law. Because the accident happened on government property, the claim can be filed against the agency in charge or the city. Since the government’s liability rests on a faulty design of the building or the negligence of an employee of the government entity, your attorney must be able to investigate the accident properly and establish fault. 

How a Slip and Fall Attorney Investigates the Accident

At our law firm, we send our investigators to the site of the slip and fall accident. They investigate the area where the accident happened. Since it is usually cleared quickly, our investigators must backtrack. They look for cameras in the vicinity of the accident to see if it was recorded digitally. If so, they request a copy of the video to be used as evidence and introduced in court.

They find witnesses to the accident and interview them. The names might have been recorded by the victim or available in the accident report written at the scene. The investigators also review the government entity’s policies to see how they expect their employees to respond. 

Additional Examples of a Hazard on a Government Property

Here are some other hazards that exist on government property:

  • Exposed tree roots on a sidewalk or in a public park
  • Uplift or a rise on a sidewalk
  • Hazards in a construction area on the government property
  • Spills in a government healthcare facility
  • Clutter in a public university 
  • Mislayed object in a walkway of a government building

Time Limit to File a Claim

The first step is to file a claim with the Office of Risk Management. You have six months from the time of the injury to file the claim. Police reports, receipts for funds spent due to the accident, bills for medical services, photos of the accident scene or videos as well as an estimation of the damage and explanation of the negligent actions should accompany the paperwork. The government agency or city does not always accept the responsibility, and an experienced lawyer can change that. If the claim is denied, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. 

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