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Firefighters and paramedics attend car after a rollover accident.
The Roeser Law Firm assists numerous clients in the District and the surrounding area obtain the compensation they deserve in cars, trucks and other types of traumatic events.

Understanding Rollover Truck Accidents

Rollover truck accidents can create havoc on the highway, endangering lives and causing significant traffic problems. Not only does an 80,000-pound truck rolling over endanger others, but the loss of cargo can too. For instance, a big rig hauling logs or heavy equipment can pose a significant risk for smaller passenger cars and their occupants. 

Driver error leads to most rollover truck accidents, making it possible for an injured party to file a claim against the trucker and his or her employer. This means that the injured person has the right to obtain compensation for medical costs, present and future wages, pain and suffering and other damages. 

Truck Accident Attorney in Washington, D.C.

The Roeser Law Firm assists numerous clients in the District and the surrounding area obtain the compensation they deserve in cars, trucks and other types of traumatic events. We work endlessly to prevent our clients from paying both financially and physically for another’s mistakes. Our firm is dedicated to thoroughly investigating the accident and using the evidence to build a strong case for our client. We excel at negotiating a formidable settlement. However, if the damages are less than our client needs to overcome the financial costs, we are just as comfortable taking the case to court. 

Reasons for Rollover Truck Accidents

Aside from a large truck’s propensity for a rollover accident due to its high center of gravity, there are other reasons this type of accident can happen:

  • Aggressive driving; While many truckers obey the rules of the road and try to avoid accidents, others are empowered by the enormity of their vehicle. When this happens, they may try to bully other drivers by tailgating, speeding and changing lanes without warning. This behavior can result in rollover truck accidents.
  • Speeding: This behavior results in loss of vehicle control and the inability to stop in time to avoid a crash. Truckers must slow down when navigating a steep decline in the road and when traversing a curve. Failure to do this makes the truck’s high center of gravity even more dangerous. 
  • Inexperienced drivers: It is mandatory that truckers have the experience needed to handle their big rig safely. However, not all trucking companies make an effort to hire experienced drivers. When this occurs, the number of rollover truck accidents increases.
  • Failure to secure cargo: The cargo must be distributed properly to prevent rollovers. This happens when one side of the truck is more heavily loaded than the other, causing the vehicle to lean as it goes around a curve. 
  • Brake problems: Faulty brakes are a leading cause of rollover truck accidents. Without the ability to slow down entering a curve or traveling downhill, a driver can quickly lose control and overturn. There are two reasons for brakes to fail: Lack of maintenance or defects. If a defect is present, a product liability lawsuit can be lodged against the manufacturing company.
  • Tire failure: Tires must also be maintained. Failure to do so can result in rollover truck accidents. Defects are also a problem, and manufacturers can be liable. 
  • Distracted driving: Truckers who are talking on their phone or texting cause many rollover truck accidents.

Investigating Rollover Truck Accidents

Our investigators examine every aspect of a truck accident. They check for lack of maintenance, review the driver’s log for errors and use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability. Trucking companies are required to hire drivers that are experienced and ensure that trucks are loaded properly. That is why our investigators review the driver’s record to see if similar crashes occurred in the past. We also obtain traffic camera surveillance footage to see the accident in real-time. 

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