Reasons to Use a Personal Injury Attorney

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We work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. After a car accident or other injury, you will be required to fight for your rights.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After an accident injury, your first question may be do I need a personal injury attorney. The answer is yes. A personal injury lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. In order to have a successful resolution to your claim, you need special skills and knowledge. An attorney who can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company or represent you in civil court if necessary can help make the process much easier. In Washington, a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within the three-year statute of limitations.

For instance, injury symptoms don’t always show up immediately after a car accident, and some can take up to a week before they become noticeable. This can end up causing you to pay for the damages inflicted by a negligent party both physically and financially. Finally, studies show that the amount of compensation is directly linked to legal representation with higher damages being paid to those represented by an attorney. 

Insurance Companies Are in the Business of Making Money

An insurer will try to settle the case as quickly as possible and for a little as they can. They know that an injured person is trying to keep their life and that of their family together despite their injuries and inability to work in some cases. Yet, bills are arriving every day. Even a low-ball offer can seem generous under such circumstances. 

However, the offer may not cover all the expenses such as medical care and lost wages. In addition, once a settlement is agreed to, it cannot be amended even if surgery or continuing medical care is needed. Your attorney will see through this tactic and suggest waiting until injuries are identified and treatment is completed.

Insurers Refuse to Pay a Claim

On other occasions, the insurer may simply use delaying tactics or refuse to pay the claim. Some ways this is done are:

  • The insurer may say that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. They look to see if you sought medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Insurance companies often say that your injury was not caused by the accident. Your attorney will use expert medical testimony to refute this insurance company claim.
  • The insurance company may say that you are at fault for the accident. Your attorney can use evidence to refute this.
  • The insurer’s refusal to pay because the claim was filed late is a common ploy. This happens frequently since, if the statute of limitations (deadline) has expired, the case will not be heard. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure that all documents are filed in a timely manner.

Long-Term Disability

When a serious injury results in the need for long-term care, it is imperative that an attorney is by your side. Insurance companies often deny payment for people who require future care for their injuries. Your attorney will be able to adequately calculate the amount of compensation you will need to cover the damages the accident caused.

Investigation Is Necessary

It is not enough to be injured after another party was negligent, you need to prove negligence caused the accident. This requires diligent investigation techniques. At our firm, our investigators use accident reconstruction and obtain surveillance camera videos to accomplish this. They also interview witnesses and obtain police reports to ensure their accuracy. 

Let the Roeser Law Firm Help You

We work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. After a car accident or other injury, you will be required to fight for your rights. We understand that this is not easy for someone who is trying to overcome the damages the accident caused. That is where our law firm comes in. Call us at (202) 660-4070 to schedule a free case review. You won’t pay us until you win. 

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