Non-Fatal Spinal Injuries Resulting From Motorcycle Crashes

motorcycle laying in the street after accident
Because of the increase in motorcycle travel, the United States and other nations are focusing on motorcycle accidents. 

Why Are Spinal Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to trauma of all kinds, including spinal injuries. This risk of injury is prominent in this mode of travel due to the lack of protective devices and the instability of the vehicle itself. Because of the increase in motorcycle travel, the United States and other nations are focusing on motorcycle accidents. 

Spinal Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Although head injuries are responsible for more fatalities, spinal trauma results in significant issues that, while potentially fatal, are often tragic for those riders who survive the crash. Fatalities are most often noted when trauma occurs to the upper cervical (the neck) area. This is contrasted by spinal injuries that impact the lower areas of the cord where trauma often leads to paralysis.

Demographics of Motorcycle Spinal Injuries

Overall, more spinal injuries are seen in males (87.4 percent) than females ( 12.6 percent). The most common age range for males is between 21 and 30 years. Whereas, females who are injured span all age ranges between 21 and 75. 

Spinal Injury in a Motorcycle Accident

The portion of the spinal cord that is injured determines the type of outcome in terms of physical trauma. In one large study of motorcycle accidents, the cervical spine was traumatized in 27 percent of all cases. The thoracic spine was injured in 54 percent while the lumbar spine was traumatized in 29 percent. However, in 42 percent of the injured motorcyclists, multiple levels were damaged. Of these, the neurologic injury resulted in 20 percent of the cases. 

How the Location of the Spinal Injury Affects Outcome

The level of spinal impact is important in determining the prognosis. For instance, a cervical spine injury often has disastrous effects. This type of injury can affect the patient’s breathing, ability to speak and movement from the neck down. For many victims, the need for 24-hour care is mandatory. Rehabilitation efforts are limited. 

When spinal injuries affect the thoracic level, individuals often lose motor ability and sensation in the trunk and the legs. The severity of the injury and the level of damage has an enormous effect on the loss. For instance, some people will experience weakness and difficulty in coordinated movement while others will lose sensation and mobility from the trunk down. 

Damage to the lumbar region will affect the groin and hip areas. It may also affect thigh flexion and lower abdominal muscles. The injuries can be incomplete or complete and affect both sides of the body or just one side.

Roeser Law Firm

If you suffer spinal injuries, you know that the cost of medical care can be astronomical. Although no-fault insurance will cover your costs up to the limits of your policy, you may have to pay the remainder out of pocket. For most people, this can lead to financial hardship.

That is where the Roeser Law Firm can help. Since spinal injuries can cause so many problems and the patient can lose function of bodily parts, you may be able to go outside of the no-fault system. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

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