No-Contact Motorcycle Crashes and Recovering Compensation

Recovery Of Compensation After No-Contact Motorcycle Crashes

Recovery of Compensation After No-Contact Motorcycle Crashes

No-contact motorcycle crashes commonly occur, which is something that drivers of passenger vehicles seldom face. A motorcyclist may lay down their bike, slide, skid, or exit the road to avoid a collision. It’s even worse if the driver of the car doesn’t realize the accident even took place. Motorcyclists drop out of their line of sight when they slide off the road in an attempt to avoid a collision. Another driver may not be aware that they just hurt a motorcyclist if they continue going.)((

Common Causes of No-Contact Crashes Involving Motorcycles

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the fatality rate for every 100,000 motorcycle accidents was more than double that of those in passenger vehicles in 2020. In the following scenarios, motorcycle riders may experience no-contact motorcycle crashes:

  • In the same direction as a motorcycle, a car swerves into the lane of the motorcyclist.
  • When a driver makes a left hand turn across traffic, a motorcycle comes crashing into him.
  • Semi-truck drivers fail to check their blind spots or signal before moving into the path of motorcyclists.
  • Motorcycle riders are at risk when a semi-truck’s load is poorly fastened
  • When a driver fails to see a pedestrian, they brake suddenly, causing a motorcyclist to swerve and crash.
  • Several drivers are texting, talking on cell phones, checking their GPS, or changing radio stations when they run into motorcyclists.
  • An erratically moving car pushes a motorcyclist off the road as a result of mechanical problems.

Despite the fact that the two vehicles do not collide, there are many reasons why a negligent driver causes a motorcyclist to crash.

There can be serious injuries and financial strain associated with these types of motorcycle accidents. In addition to recovering from their trauma, the motorcycle rider may also have difficulty locating the other driver and prosecuting them. To investigate your accident, locate the other driver, and demand compensation, you’ll need the help of a Washington, D.C. motorcycle injury lawyer.

In No-Contact Motorcycle Crashes, Negligence Must Be Proved

A motorcycle crash will likely involve a driver who violated the motorcyclist’s right-of-way two-thirds of the time. Motorcyclists are often killed as a result of drivers failing to see them. It may indicate negligence on the part of the driver because they were not using caution when the accident happened. The negligent party may be held accountable for the trauma, medical expenses, property damage and other losses caused to the injured person.

To prove your motorcycle accident case, you must demonstrate that a reasonable person would have done certain things that the defendant did not do. It can be quite difficult to prove this without the help of a skilled motorcycle injury attorney, so be sure your lawyer can handle no-contact motorcycle accidents in the Washington, D.C., area.

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