Motorcycle Accidents: The Top Causes

motorcycle laying in the street after collision with other drivers
Due to the lack of structural protection, motorcycle riders suffer many injuries in comparison with drivers of other types of vehicles.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Motorcycle accidents happen in a number of ways. They have some limitations, ranging from the lack of stability inherent in a two-wheel vehicle to the speed at which they can travel. Due to the lack of structural protection, motorcycle riders suffer many injuries in comparison with drivers of other types of vehicles. However, despite all these issues, motorcyclists have some of the best tools to avoid accidents

Motorcycles feature powerful brakes, maneuverability and excellent tires. Riders have an advantage over motorists who have obstructed views of the road. Additionally, motorcycle riders can anticipate and outwit the causes of accidents by knowing how to avoid dangerous situations. Let’s look at the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and what to do if one occurs.

Soft Dirt and Gravel: Major Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Soft dirt and gravel on the road are among the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Imagine that you are traveling along and take a curve beyond which you encounter soft dirt, gravel or leaves. This will cause your front tire to slide, and you will lose control. 

A good way to do this is to reduce speed, especially around curves. Make sure you enter the curve at a speed that gives you a clearer sense of what the road will look like. Then you can accelerate on the way out. If you feel comfortable doing this, brake until you are at the apex of the curve. Once there, throttle up. This will enable you to avoid obstacles such as soft gravel and the like.

Lane Change by Another Vehicle Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

There may be times when a vehicle changes lanes in front of your bike. The problem is you are in an area they want to use. Trying to anticipate this can help, and keeping your eyes on traffic and avoiding distractions will also prepare you for this eventuality. When traffic slows ahead, vehicles are likely to change lanes. Make sure you watch for warning signs that the car in front of you may turn. If they do, you should move away. 

Vehicle Making Left Turns in Front of the Motorcyclist

Accidents involving motorcycles are most commonly caused by this action. It is common for motor vehicle drivers to not see bikers and think they are going slower than they actually are. Be aware of the possibility that a car will turn in front of you if you want to avoid an accident.

If you see any warning signs such as a turned tire or a vehicle with blinkers on waiting to turn, get ready. Observe the road around you to see how you can avoid the driver without hitting anyone else. Reduce your speed as much as possible. 

Hit in the Rear by a Motorist

This kind of accident doesn’t usually result in serious injuries for an automobile driver, but it can be deadly for a motorcyclist. Turn to the side if no other vehicles are ahead. If you see other cars behind you, activate your signal or flash your brake lights to alert them. Be extra careful when crossing pedestrian crosswalks, especially if the weather is bad or if a driver behind you is weaving.

Speeding in a Curve

Sometimes bikers go too fast around a curve and find themselves in trouble. You can avoid this by watching the road. You should press ahead against the lean and keep going.

Dooring Accidents

An especially dangerous scenario is when a car driver parked on the roadway suddenly opens his or her door without looking. Taking precautions can prevent this from happening once the door opens. Keep your eyes open for people in parked vehicles at the curb.

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