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High cost of car accident medical bill.
An accident caused by a DUI often incurs high medical costs. In most cases, this is due to the type of treatment that is needed and the aftercare required.

DUI Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Those injured in a drunk driving accident may suffer a variety of injuries. There are many forms, ranging from simple fractures to traumatic brain injuries. In addition, drunk drivers display excessive reckless driving behaviors. For some victims of a DUI accident, the outcome is a fatal one. Nationwide, drunk drivers take the lives of 10,000 people every year. Let’s examine some of the injuries associated with a drunk driving accident.

Roeser Law After a Drunk Driving Accident

Attorneys and staff at Roeser Law put all their effort into protecting their clients’ rights. Providing compassionate service with the determination to get our clients the compensation they deserve is our duty. It is wrong for anyone to suffer financial and physical damages due to another’s negligence, and we work hard to prevent this atrocity.

Injuries Damaging the Soft Tissue 

In a DUI accident, ligaments, muscles and tendons can be stretched or torn, which can be painful and restrict movement. Soft tissue injuries can result in chronic pain even after the initial phase, making common activities impossible. A year of rehabilitative therapy might be necessary to recover.

DUI-Related Spinal Injuries

Individuals who suffer spinal cord injuries after a drunk driving accident have a high risk of suffering both partial and complete paralysis. Other injuries can leave you in pain for the rest of your life, including herniated or slipped disks. That is because the herniation put pressure on the spinal nerves. Spinal injury may not resolve after surgery, and the patient faces a life-changing experience.

Acute Extremity Injuries

When someone is involved in a drunk driving accident, their extremities are often injured. The force of the impact may break or crush limbs. Surgical intervention may be required for severe fractures and crush injuries, followed by rehabilitation. Amputation can occur during the accident or be necessary afterward, particularly if the injured limbs have been crushed.

Traumatic Brain Injury in a Drunk Driving Accident

Head-on collisions are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in DUI accidents. TBIs often require surgery, long-term care and can drastically alter one’s life. A high impact accident can result in death for a number of reasons, such as brain damage.

What Is the Outcome of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Rehabilitation can sometimes lead to recovery after a TBI, depending on its severity. After a TBI, some people may be able to return to work and continue their normal daily lives. In other cases, people may not be able to achieve the cognitive level needed for their job, but they may be able to obtain occupational training for another occupation. Various types of long-term care are available for individuals, either in a medical facility or at home.

Drunk Driving Accidents Can Cause Burn Injuries

Some crashes, such as those on highways with multiple vehicles or those where collisions are forceful, can result in explosions or damage to the fuel tank. Burn injuries can result from such crash scenarios.

Injuries caused by burns pose a high risk of infection. However, plastic surgery can be performed to correct many disfigurements. Most insurance companies will not pay for this surgery, which is why the legal insight of a personal injury lawyer is needed.

How Can My Attorney Help Me Deal With the Expense of a DUI Accident?

An accident caused by a DUI often incurs high medical costs. In most cases, this is due to the type of treatment that is needed and the aftercare required. Many people lack the resources to pay for their medical needs on their own, and insurance may not cover it. 

Such cases can be resolved with a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyer who represents you in your injury claim will be able to build a strong case against the responsible party and help you recover all damages.

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