Truck Accidents

Common Causes of Washington, D.C. Truck Accidents

Recovering Compensation for Your Truck Accident Injury

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a big rig in the District, then it is important to seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer. A qualified attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options and work to secure the financial compensation you may be entitled to for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages resulting from the accident.

Types of Truck Accidents

Varieties of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be traumatic and devastating experiences, not only for drivers but also other motorists on the road. Truck crashes are often more serious than car accidents due to the size and weight of tractor-trailers and other large vehicles on our roads. The types of truck collisions that occur vary greatly, depending on many factors such as weather, driver error or fatigue, equipment failure or even a single act of negligence.

Types of Tractor-Trailer Accidents Around Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Dangers Of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

In tractor-trailer accidents, passenger vehicle drivers and other occupants often suffer more severe trauma than the trucker. A truck crash differs greatly from a motor vehicle accident. There are, however, some big differences mainly due to the big rig’s size and weight, as well as handling, braking and visibility for the driver. When you’ve been injured by a negligent trucker, you can benefit from talking to a truck accident lawyer in Washington, D.C.

When You’ve Suffered Injuries in a Truck Accident

What To Do After You’Ve Been Injured In A Truck Accident

A truck accident involving a big commercial vehicle often results in serious trauma to others. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, around 147,000 injuries involving big rigs occurred in 2020. However, when you are injured in a truck collision, more than the driver may be held responsible for your trauma. This is what an injury lawyer does in part. Your injury lawyer can determine what party/parties can be held liable for your accident injuries so that you can obtain all the compensation that you deserve.

Truck Accident Traumatic Brain Injuries

Although traumatic brain injuries can occur in just about any type of accident, they are more prevalent in truck crashes. This is largely due to the average loaded 80,000-pound weight of a big rig compared to a roughly 4,000-pound passenger vehicle. The type of accident specific to large trucks, such as an underride/override crash, all but ensures that traumatic brain injuries will occur.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of jolts, bumps or even just rapid back and forth head movements. Despite the fact that some TBIs may be minor and heal within a couple of years, others can have devastating consequences…

Truck Accident Lawyer in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area have their share of truck accidents. In their quest to get goods up and down the coast or to deliver products to stores and residences alike, truckers have their share of accidents. A truck accident lawyer is prepared to help you obtain the damages you suffered in an accident with a semi-trailer or a delivery van. Let’s learn more about truck accidents in the city.

At Roeser Law, we are committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. It is unacceptable for a negligent negligent trucker or their employer to cause financial and physical losses to anyone. Choosing an attorney can be difficult when you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident or dies.

Why Does a Tow Truck Accident Happen in Washington, D.C.?

We’ve all seen tow trucks trying to weave in and out of traffic to get to an accident scene. Often, they are parked in or to the side of the road as the operator tries to move a damaged vehicle. All of this is usually happening when traffic is backed up and tempers are high. Let’s take a detailed look at the tow truck drivers, the different types of tow trucks and when they become a danger on the road.

In some cases, tow trucks are a danger to other drivers. They are big, heavy and difficult to maneuver, especially with another vehicle attached or on board. However, for the most part, tow trucks put the operator in a dangerous place.

Truck T-Bone Accidents in Washington, D.C.

Truck T-bone accidents usually cause severe injuries or deaths. The main reason for the damages that accrue is the weight of the truck compared to a smaller vehicle. Passenger vehicles generally weigh in at roughly 4,000 pounds while a fully-loaded semi can weigh in the neighborhood of 80, 000 pounds. If you factor in speed, the risk of injury is high when a big rig plows into a passenger vehicle.

Because of this, a trucker’s driving skills must be honed, and big rig drivers need to qualify for a CDL license issued by the government before getting behind the wheel of a semi-truck. With this added training comes the enhanced liability truckers have when an accident occurs. In addition, a truck driver is often employed by a trucking company that carries a high insurance policy.

Collisions with a Big Rig – Two Common Accidents

Passenger cars are much smaller and lighter than big rigs. The average, loaded big rig weighs in at about 80,000 pounds while a passenger vehicle with occupants weighs in the neighborhood of 2,900 to 3,900 pounds. The sheer difference between the size and weight of these two vehicles explains why a passenger car accident with a big rig is frequently devastating.

While the size and weight differential can easily account for the catastrophic injuries in a car/semi collision, there is more to the story. A large truck is also higher than the passenger vehicle, and this can result in a violent crash. Let’s examine this in further detail.

Rollover Truck Accidents in D.C. – The Roeser Law Firm

Rollover truck accidents can create havoc on the highway, endangering lives and causing significant traffic problems. Not only does an 80,000-pound truck rolling over endanger others, but the loss of cargo can too. For instance, a big rig hauling logs or heavy equipment can pose a significant risk for smaller passenger cars and their occupants.

Driver error leads to most rollover truck accidents, making it possible for an injured party to file a claim against the trucker and his or her employer. This means that the injured person has the right to obtain compensation for medical costs, present and future wages, pain and suffering and other damages.