Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and Fall Accident Evidence

Collecting Evidence To Prove Your Slip And Fall

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence and can result in serious injuries. Falls account for nearly one million emergency room visits each year, and it’s estimated that those ER trips cost about $31 billion annually. While these types of accidents can be caused by any number of environmental factors such as wet or icy surfaces, uneven terrain or even cluttered floor spaces, there are certain things that businesses can do to reduce the risk of injuries happening on their premises

Slip and Fall Accidents in Washington, D.C.

Recovering Compensation After A Slip And Fall

There are many hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents in Washington, D.C. Some of the most common include wet or icy surfaces, poor lighting, potholes and uneven pavement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident in Washington, D.C., it is important to know your rights and options under the law. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Roeser Law Firm can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Fundamental Reasons for Slip and Fall Accidents

Why Do Slip And Fall Accidents Occur?

The majority of slip and fall accidents happen due to carelessness. Whether it is around the home or at work, not taking safety precautions is one of the biggest reasons for injuries due to falls. In 2020 alone, over 42,000 people died due to the consequences of a fall, and many suffered severe injuries. Clearly, this is not something to take lightly. Let’s review the different reasons for slip and fall incidents at home, at work, and even in government buildings and how they can be prevented.

How Do You Prove and Win a Slip and Fall Case?

In Washington, D.C., an injured person has a deadline to file a lawsuit against a negligent party. In the District, you have three years from the date the accident happened. If the claim is filed beyond this deadline, it will not be heard in court. Because it is important to file before the clock runs out, having a personal injury lawyer is essential. Your attorney will ensure that all documents are filed correctly and on time. Read more…

Slip and Fall – Proving Negligence

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, you know that slip and fall accidents due to negligence seem to happen more often than not, yet being compensated for the damages is not as simple as it seems. To recover damages, it is essential to prove negligence on the part of the home or commercial property owner. Let’s delve into what it means to prove slip and fall negligence in The District.

How to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

If an accident on a slippery floor or one littered with boxes, food crates or debris occurs, it is a good idea to seek legal advice. The attorney can investigate the incident and determine liability if it happened on another’s premises. Failure to take preventive measures in such cases or respond to dangerous situations can implicate another homeowner, an owner of a commercial business or even a government agency.

If you suffer a slip, trip or fall accident injury, call the Roeser Law Firm at or contact us online to schedule a free case review. Our slip and fall lawyers will answer any questions you may have, and after reviewing your case, discuss the options you have going forward.

Concrete Slip and Fall Accidents

Concrete slip and fall accidents can have catastrophic, unforgiving results, causing significant injuries. Concrete can be found everywhere, from ramps and steps leading into a government building to sidewalks and private driveways. Because of its hardness, concrete is durable. However, this attribute is why a slip and fall accident can cause such disastrous injuries.

Concrete abounds in Washington, D.C. Slip, trip and fall accidents occur all over the city, At Roeser Law Firm, we have helped residents recover the financial damages such accidents cause. This includes all medical expenses associated with the injury and time lost at work due to the accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents on Government Property – Roeser Law Firm

If you slip and fall on government property such as at the post office, a monument or a public park, the government entity may be held responsible for your injuries. However, there are times when the government entity cannot be held liable. In a city adorned by multiple government properties, let’s look at this in further detail.

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Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Did you know that slip and fall accidents account for more than one-quarter of all workplace injuries, including in Washington, D.C.? The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says it’s true. Fortunately, the law in Washington allows workers who’ve been injured on the job to obtain workers’ compensation, but that isn’t always easy. Seeking advice from a Washington, D.C. slip and fall attorney can be helpful.

Five Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Damages from a slip and fall accident include your physical injuries. They also include financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages. Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common causes of personal injury. A fall can occur anywhere. You can experience a slip and fall accident while you are shopping, enjoying